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June 16, 2015


The Pilot R&D team had the incredible opportunity to work with Morgan Spurlock and his Warrior Poets team on a documentary entitled Crafted that features Nick Balla and Cortney Burns of Bar Tartine, Luke Snyder and David Van Wyk of Bloodroot Blades and Yugi Nagatani of Nagatani-en, all true modern artisans whose talent and skill is boundless.  The documentary was generously supported by Häagen-Dazs and inspired by its new artisan line.  Pilot R&D were agency co-producers on the project.  Pilot R&D's connection to the culinary world afforded us the perfect opportunity to explore modern food artisanry and identify the film subjects, as well as assist Morgan and his team during production.  We are so grateful to have been able to work with such an amazing team and such humbling talent.  Check out the trailer here, the full length film on Amazon here, and the film's website here.  

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