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Open Positions


Pilot R&D is a culinary research and development company based in Berkeley, CA.  We’re a small team of chefs and culinary scientists who spent years running the development programs of some of the world's best restaurants by simultaneously focusing on the craft and chemistry of cooking. We’ve created a powerful research and development engine that we can hitch to small restaurants, big food companies, and everyone in between, to develop great food at any scale.

We're looking for passionate, energetic, and talented people who are excited to work with top food companies around the country to make the world a tastier place.


Come join us!  


We love welcoming smart, energetic, positive, and eager-to-learn interns into our lab. If you're up for anything, into eating weird things, and adept with a Vitamix and Google Sheets, please reach out! We typically require a minimum commitment of three weeks. 

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