Product Development


We work with everyone from individuals ready to pursue their passion projects to large public companies.

Most of our clients are in between—early stage startups who need to refine their formulations and are ready for a co-packer to mature startups who are ready to develop and launch those products that have been lying in wait in their innovation pipeline.


We work across categories and can develop any food or beverage product that’s meant to be tasty and consumed by humans.

Be it high or low pH beverages, bars, snacks, baked goods (sweet and savory!), complete meals, ferments, sauces, frozen food, soups, spice blends, perishables, and everything in between.


We’re a creative team who loves a challenge and the diversity of working on vegan cheese in the morning, cookies midday and an alcoholic beverage in the afternoon.


Our specialty is first-of-their kind, organic and natural products.

We love pushing the boundaries of what’s possible and utilizing whole ingredients to make delicious, clean label products that meet your label and brand requirements. We’ll always be the first to tell you when an idea defies the chemical and physical laws of our planet.

Short of that, we’re game!

Our Process

We work on a bespoke basis and craft our scopes of work to meet your needs. In general, our product development scopes follow this process flow:

Phase 1
Phase 2
Phase 4
Phase 3
Phase 5
Phase 6
Our Relationship

On average, projects take anywhere between 6 and 14 months, although some have finished in weeks and others have run longer. It all depends on the client’s needs and 

co-packer availability.

We work on a project basis rather than billing hourly. We believe clients benefit from understanding the scope of our work and fees upfront. We never want people watching the clock. We do what it takes to get the

project done and done right.

We’d rather over communicate than under communicate. We utilize a shared google doc Project Tracker to organize and document our work together and are in regular contact throughout your project, so you have full visibility to our progress and what’s happening next.

How We Work Together

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