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Culinary Innovation


Whether a quick serve or fine dining restaurant, we can help with your menu development and innovation needs. We can craft recipes that are optimized for a hub-and-spoke commissary model or that are designed to be picked up quickly and efficiency to keep your service flowing. We’ll work with you on everything from recipes to ingredient sourcing to planning the operational layout for execution. Need something else, just ask!

Chef's Kitchen
Food Tech

We work with food tech companies to either advise on technological capabilities to best meet the needs of the food or craft food that is optimized for the technology.


We love to explore the intersection of food and technology and can help you consider a range of applications for your technology or work with you to look at food prep and cooking from a new perspective.

Ingredient Suppliers

As culinary scientists, we don’t have access to secret ingredients—we’re just more creative in our application of ingredients. We work with ingredient suppliers to evaluate their products for a range of applications. Maybe your hemp protein is incredible in dips and your cassava starch works great in frozen treats. We can put your ingredient through its paces and help you understand where it adds function and flavor or where it may fall flat.


We’re fortunate to have great relationships with a number of investment groups. We can provide insight on the commercial feasibility of new product ideas, give perspective on how a given product stacks up to its competition from a product development standpoint, and work with the portfolio company on their development needs so you can make the best investment decisions and then mitigate product risk once you’ve invested.

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