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The science of food has been used to inspire innovation and solve problems in industrial food production for decades. Over the past few years, top-tier chefs have adopted that mindset to fuel unparalleled progress in restaurants around the world. The Pilot R&D team leverages their experience running the development programs of many of the world’s most innovative restaurants to bring that mindset out of the minuscule scope of fine dining and into all corners of the industry.

We handle projects at various stages, depending on our clients’ needs. Some of our clients need help coming up with a concept from scratch, others really just want a great pizza dough, and a few just need help making sure their burgers stay juicy. Whether you want to open a second bistro, get a third Michelin star, or launch 50 QSR restaurants that need foolproof, delicious ideas accessible to a wide demographic, we can help. We work on every aspect of menu development from ideation and dish development through sourcing ingredients and creating programs to train your staff.

Menu Development